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Our Story

The O’Rex Cattery owners grew up with animals from insects to horses. Indoors and in the yard, animal care always came first. Over time, we gravitated toward the C-A-T! As a mother/daughter team, we spent several years raising the Ragdoll breed in the 1990s. Three decades later our focus shifted to the Cornish Rex breed. We were drawn to the Cornish Rex’s unique characteristics of short curls, low maintenance grooming, and were charmed by their active and delightfully curious participation in family life. In 2021 we started the O’Rex Cattery with the goal of continuing to preserve, fine-tune the Cornish Rex breed, and promote these wonderful cats. We show our cats when possible, but also enjoy giving meticulous care to our breeders and love helping to raise their kittens. By the time our babies are ready for their ‘furever’ homes, they are well socialized and healthy because they were raised as part of our energetic and wholesome lifestyle.

We take a holistic approach to our cats’ overall well-being and have great pride in providing a healthy environment for our breeding cats and their kittens. Our cats have adequate space for each group to live in harmony. That means our animals have appropriate supplies and stimulation such as water fountains, cat trees, soft beds, toys, light and fresh air, etc. They even have a smart speaker in each room to entertain their auditory senses! We also believe in preventative care as opposed to responding to chronic diseases or those associated with premature aging. Our Cornish Rex cats have optimal nutrition because they are fed a combination of optimal raw food from a reliable source, some canned and high-quality kibble. The result: enhanced immune systems, smart and agile cats with beautiful coats! Yes, the Cornish Rex is known for its low-maintenance grooming needs, but our cats get regular baths, nails trimmed, ears cleaned, and teeth brushed. We maintain a clean, climate-controlled environment with fresh air throughout the four seasons of Western Pennsylvania.


Our breeding practice focuses on promoting healthy offspring, so we conduct blood and genetic tests as well as regular/annual HCM scans on our core breeders. Our cats are under the care of a team of breeder-friendly veterinarians who know us and our cats. The O’Rex breeding Sires and Dams are vaccinated and dewormed for the prevention of diseases, but we also take a ‘less is more’ approach to vaccines and pharmaceuticals. 


We are registered members of CFA in good standing. As members of the CFA Breed Council, we want to learn about the breed just as much as we want to share our education with others.


This page will help answer some of our most received questions about our cattery, cats and adoptions.


Information about our adoption process can be found here. 


Learn more about each one of our cats and available kittens

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