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Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in our O’Rex kitties! We are a mother-and-daughter team who are dedicated to raising dazzling, beautiful, healthy, delightfully sassy Cornish Rex kittens and cats. We love the Cornish Rex breed and desire to share these elegant and crazy companions with others.

Kitten Selection

Kittens are matched according to three criteria: 1) Temperament—how does this kitten engage? Are they active, full of spunk, and trying to help you “rearrange” your papers? Or are they more curious, easy-going, and cuddly?  2) Gender/Sex—depending on the household dynamics, you may prefer a male or female. (Example: some older, established animals might not accept a new kitten of the same gender.) 3) Color—while color is the first thing people see, it is not necessarily an indication that the kitty will be a good blend with your family.


Adoption Application Process


Potential adopters must submit a complete Kitten Adoption Application. We ask that your answers be truthful and complete. There is no right or wrong answer. Our commitment is to our kittens and we want to ensure they become integrated cats in happy homes. Please allow adequate time to answer all of the questions. Clicking on different links or a back button will clear the data and you will need to start over. You will need some references and other information available, including information about your current veterinarian, etc. These questions are designed to help us get to know you better so we can place the best kitten with your family. (At no time is your information shared with an external marketing firm; it is solely used to process our Kitten Applications and keep you informed about happenings at the O’Rex Cattery.) In some circumstances, we might need to add your name to the waitlist or refer you to another reputable breeder.


We will inform you when your Kitten Adoption Application is approved. Around the age of 4 weeks old, kittens begin to show some personality, and potential matches will be discussed with you. Then, a seven (7) day holding period starts to place a required non-refundable deposit of $500 to reserve a kitten. We will not accept a deposit on a kitten until they are 4 weeks of age. This is because a myriad of things change, including the viability of the kitten, personality/temperament of matching with the right family, or being retained in the cattery; and, some people change their minds. Similarly, we will only hold a kitten based upon a verbal agreement for seven days without a deposit. Failure to respond and place the initial deposit within seven days will result in the kitten becoming available for another adoptive family. At approximately 8 weeks of age, most kittens are weaned from their mother’s nourishment, exhibit more individual characteristics, and we can usually confirm (but might adjust) the initial assessment/ placement with adoptive families. As part of the adoption timeline, at 10 weeks of age, a non-refundable installment payment of $500 is required to solidify your commitment to an O’Rex kitten. By 12 weeks of age, the kittens are largely independent from their mother, and actively exploring their world. They would have one or two vaccinations in a ‘series of three’ and are often eligible for spay/neuter. At that point, a second refundable installment payment of $500 is made to confirm the assignment to the kitten’s ‘furever’ home. The full balance is due upon delivery of the kitten. Payment installments are advised.


*In some cases we may need to reassign a kitten or keep the kitten in the cattery as part of our breeding program. We reserve the sole right to make those adjustments at any time, and another kitten will be offered as a replacement to approved applicants who have made the first deposit and initial installment payment.

Adoption Prices

Our kittens range in price from $2,000-$3,500, depending on their type and rarity. The price reflects our operational costs (top-quality foods, clean and comfortable habitat, veterinary care, and our invested time socializing your kitty, etc.). We do not barter or offer a sliding scale, however, a 10% discount is available to the following individuals:

-Active duty Veterans and their immediate, current household members

-Adoptions of two (2+) kittens at the same time (regardless of sibling status)

-Repeat Adopters

Kitten Pick Up

Kittens are adopted at approximately 4 months of age. If you are selected to become part of the O'Rex Family (in addition to the kitten), you will receive a ‘Go-Home’ basket with a complete set of health records (vaccinations, FeLV/FIP negative test, microchip, and a spay/neuter certificate if performed, etc.), complementary Trupanion pet insurance for the first 30 days with our unique breeder’s promo code *(with an option to extend coverage), and documentation of your kitten’s complementary registration with CFA. You may elect to change the kitten’s name and purchase a CFA pedigree for an additional cost directly with CFA, certifying that your new addition is a purebred Cornish Rex. The ‘Go-Home’ basket also includes sample food, litter, and a few toys to help your kitten with a smooth adjustment to their new home.


Adopting and welcoming a dazzling, O’Rex Cornish Rex kitty into your family is an exciting and wonderful process!  As such, it takes time to allow proper matching, communication between our families, kitten development, home preparation, integration of the new kitty with other pets, etc. Please be patient and open-minded during the process.


Finally, if you find and obtain another kitten before the first deposit is due—or at any point while you are waiting for your own O’Rex Cornish Rex—please let us know so that we can make the O’Rex kitten available for another family. Cornish Rex kittens from ethical, responsible breeders are in high demand, and being on a waitlist for a few months is not uncommon. We only ask that you stay in communication with us, and we will do the same! Thank you! 


We are happy to answer your questions, send pictures, and updates via texts, have video calls through Facetime, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., and keep you informed throughout the process. We are here as a resource for the life of the animal, and at your discretion. 


Thank you and we look forward to chatting with you soon!    


-Heidi and Sigrid

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