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Our Amazing Foundational Cats


Barni, aka “Marzipan”  or “Marzi”

True to his German birth, King “Marzipan” has been our sweetest nut!! “Marzi” has the ideal, breed standard ‘marcel’ curly coat, with big ears and a high Roman nose. He loves to play fetch, sit in our lap, and calls for girls when they go by. “Marzi” is a red point, yet he has given us a variety of babies, including ginger, pointed, and chocolate torie offspring. His beautiful physique and passionate temperament are attributed to an excellent lineage from an infamous, heavily titled retired US cattery. He is the Sire of our beautiful chocolate point, CH Bahai on Life. 

Cash-paw out.JPEG

Kazimir “Cashmere”

Cashmere is one of our imports and comes from Ukraine. He has a gorgeous small and curvy body shape, thin and elongated legs, paired with a delightfully charming personality! Cashmere is a black & white bicolor cat, with an excellent head shape and rich, golden eyes. His strong foundational bloodlines are a combination of top-quality breeders from both Ukraine and a longtime US Grand Champion breeder.


Dancing Echo “Echo”

The junior Sire who will forever be a kitten, is our very vocal, Echo!  This boy has a pure black velvety soft coat, a perfect head and strong chin, with intense golden eyes. His perfectly arched back is curvacious and graceful. He comes to us from a very successful (newly) retired breeder of both American and European International Grand Champion lines. Echo is one of those delightful ‘velcro’ cats who always wants to be by your side!


TD-Final.Fanny-standing in sun.PNG


Fanny, the first of our Queens, is a beautiful dilute calico and has a rich heritage from US Grand Champion lines. She has taken her place in ‘first chair’ and knows her way around the house! Fanny is a fantastic mother and has stellar offspring that exemplify the Cornish Rex breed standards. She is the Dam to our beautiful chocolate point, CH Bahai on Life.


Karina “Kari”

“Kari” is a rare blue tortie (Tortoiseshell) with an ideal, classic shape because she is a descendant of US Grand Champion lines. She is empathetic, patient, and wise beyond her years; this lady is full of surprises because she can adjust to her surroundings with ease. Kari’s offspring are among the most impressive of our kittens due to their physique, coat, and docile temperament. She is an excellent mother, devoted to her kittens…yet, most of the time she wants to be a lap cat!


Bahai on Life “Beehive”

Bahai is one of our prized Queens because she is our very own O’Rex CFA Champion! This rare chocolate point with sky blue eyes has an amazing curly coat, and an outstanding pedigree. Because she is our official first-generation Cornish Rex, she was raised from birth with love in a clean environment and is the product of privilege. Bahai, true to her name, is our cattery’s peacemaker, friend, and mother. CH Bahai is the total package!



Have you ever touched a Wood Ear (Het Hu Nu) mushroom? That is the same feeling you get from petting our velvety Russian-born Fidji! She is a petite chocolate girl with large yellow-green eyes and full, perky ears. Fidji is graceful, and dainty, with svelte, perfect curves. This darling little friend is fiercely loyal to protect us humans from her sister Queens! Fidji has produced beautiful chocolate and seal point offspring. 



Eva, our most striking, classic calico with a black Roman nose is an experienced Dam from Lithuania. Eva is the gracious matriarch of the cattery—but don’t cross her, she has an independent and silent strength! Eva brings International Grand Champion bloodlines from Europe. Her offspring are beautiful examples of the breed standard, they exhibit loving personalities and are well trained by their mother. Eva sets the pace…

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