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Cornish Rex Breed Profile

Best known for its curly, marcel wavy coat, the Cornish Rex is considered the ‘Greyhound’ of the cat fancy for its elegant shape and racy appearance, high Roman nose, expressive ears and eyes. The Cornish Rex breed standard for CFA is, namely, its tight and velvety coat, egg-shaped head with high cheekbones, a long Roman nose and strong chin, with large, erect ears. The Cornish Rex body is curvaceous, with an arched back, barrel chest, thin waist, and elongated legs. They are lean and muscular, able to run fast and jump high.


Besides the curly coat mutation, early Cornish Rex were not very distinguishable from other domestic short haired cats. They had a rounded face, average body, and stocky legs. Developing a strong new breed required some diverse genetics, so the Cornish Rex was outcrossed with the British Short Hair and Burmese breeds for their durability, and later with the Siamese for their elongated, sleek body shape. Today the Cornish Rex breed standard is largely uniformed to have an egg-shaped head, a high ‘Roman’ nose, a strong chin, oval eyes, long ears with a full base, a curved spine, strong legs and long, elegant tail. Except for a few minor variations ranging from wide to high ears or subtle variations in body size, the most distinguishable–and ideal–feature of the Cornish Rex, remains its tight, ‘marcel’ wave curly coat. 

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