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Dazzling Cornish Rex
Cats & Kittens

O'Rex Cornish Rex Cattery

The O’Rex Cattery began in 2021 with the goal of preserving and further enhancing the best features of the Cornish Rex breed. We grow, play, and show! Pedigree* kittens leave the nursery ready to integrate into your home - healthy, with a full medical record, litter box trained, well socialized, and with charismatic personalities. 

Fanny Cornish Rex cat from O'Rex Cattery

Our Story

The O’Rex Cattery owners grew up with animals from insects to horses. Indoors and in the yard, animal care always came first. Over time, we gravitated toward the C-A-T! As a mother/daughter team, we spent several years raising the Ragdoll breed in the 1990s. Three decades later our focus shifted to the Cornish Rex breed. We were drawn to the Cornish Rex’s unique characteristics of short curls, low maintenance grooming, and were charmed by their active and delightfully curious participation in family life. In 2021 we started the O’Rex Cattery with the goal of continuing to preserve, fine-tune the Cornish Rex breed, and promote these wonderful cats. We show our cats when possible, but also enjoy giving meticulous care to our breeders and love helping to raise their kittens. By the time our babies are ready for their ‘furever’ homes, they are well socialized and healthy because they were raised as part of our energetic and wholesome lifestyle.

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Adopt a Cornish Rex Kitten

Visit our FAQ page for any questions about adopting one of our dazzling Cornish Rex kittens.

Owning a purebred Cornish Rex is an investment in a unique furry friend!  Selecting, reserving, and obtaining your new Cornish Rex kitten from an ethical breeder is a process. We emphasize the word ‘process,’ as these cats are in high demand and take time to find. 

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